This was at the ICP/Mushroomhead Halloween show.  I was Ambelina from the Amory Wars.  She was a Prise that burned her wings (and her hair along with it) to protect a human on Earth.  Hence I am blue and bald. Ha!


They love each other.  It’s adorable.

Jake and Reno

Another “My Life As A Painting” picture.  Jake napping.  Reno being adorable.  🙂


One of my favorites.  My sister-in-law took this picture and we didn’t even know it. hehehehe

Greek Festival

This is me with my friends Tanya and Jessica at a Greek Festival in Tremont.  Probably about three or four years ago.


I’m starting a new photo series called My Life as a Painting.  I’m obsessed with this photo editing tool.  I love the way it looks and its just cool to see what my life would look like in paint. So, this is the very first photo.  This is Sheeta when she was a puppy.  She’s…