Reno beano!

Found some cute pictures of Reno from last year.

Reno’s Birthday Celebration

These are just some pictures from Reno’s 5th birthday back in January. We did some shopping.  He got a new leash, collar and tag, a shirt, a couple toys and some treats. We also stopped at Starbucks to get a puppuccino. He also got some puppy pajamas. I made him some birthday cookies. You put…

Happy Birthday To My Christmas Miracle Puppy!

Today is Reno’s birthday! My little Christmas miracle puppy. He wasn’t even one yet and he was attacked by another dog and almost died. He needed everything to stay alive. Surgery, blood, protein and plasma transfusions. He was in critical condition on iv’s. I never prayed so hard in my life those couple days. It…

My Baby Jemma – Gone too soon

I spent New Year’s Eve in the animal hospital for Jemma.  She died on New Year’s Day. I am so sad.  At least I got to cuddle her and love her all day before she died. I buried her in one of my flower pots with her favorite little mousey. :sigh:  :tears: