Playing Catch Up – Cuyahoga National Valley

Once again Josh took me to some creepy places. “Egg tunnel” that leads to a path to this random Mater Dolorosa Cemetery. It started pouring so we went stopped at this adorable ice cream shop. Haunted covered bridge. Another awesome cemetery. ¬†The fog looked pretty awesome.

Playing Catch Up – Adventures in Salem

My friend Josh lives in Salem, Ohio and he took me to some creepy, haunted places out there. ūüôā Cool view Pretty path leading to an old haunted lock Bowman Cemetery. ¬†Really creepy!  

Playing Catch Up – Isaac Lake

I went on a little adventure with my friend Santino in the woods behind Isaac Lake. ¬†At that time of year (late spring-early summer) that area is blooming with Dame’s Rocket, but you really have to catch it at the right time. ¬†Too early or too late and there aren’t that many blooms, but if…

Playing Catch Up – Nature Walk in Peninsula

The nature adventures continued in my absence from WordPress. ¬†This one is in Peninsula, Ohio in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. ¬†This general area is about 30 minutes or so away from home, which isn’t too bad if you ask me. There are some old locks in the area, a tunnel and train tracks to…

Nature Walk

This was a little walk I took Reno on back in January when it was almost 60 degrees out!  Crazy!

Winter Walk

A couple of days ago my friend and I went on a little winter nature hike at Huntington Beach.  It was very pretty.


Another beautiful autumn day. ¬†60 degrees at mid-November! ¬†Whaaaat?? ¬†I’m lovin’ it. GIANT leaf!!! I was taking a picture of this guy…. And I turned around and there was this guy! ¬†Right behind me and I didn’t even know it….just staring at me. ¬†It was pretty awesome! Jake and I have this theory that all…


I love that the metroparks are within walking distance of my apartment.  Its such a beautiful escape from the bustle of the city.  Love it!

Lake Erie

  A couple weeks ago we went to the lake on a very windy day to watch the waves crash. Edgewater Park         Lakewood Park  

Buckeye Trail

I have been on this trail before. ¬†We went about two miles. ¬†Well, we decided to go back and hike the full trail. ¬†The sign at point of entry near Blue Hen Falls said that the trail was 4 miles. ¬†That was a lie! ¬†At 5 miles we still had not reached our destination (Jaite…