Two Hearts Beating As One

Here is the third of four Valentine’s bath bombs.  The last one isn’t super festive so I decided that one could wait until after Valentine’s Day.

This one is a bath melt called Two Hearts Beating As One.


These two little and luxurious interlocking hearts are made with fair trade organic cocoa butter, almond oil, apricot kernel oil, argon oil, bergamot oil, geranium oil, jasmine absolute, rose absolute, and ylang ylang oil.  Woo!  This baby is jam packed with moisturizing goodness!


The featured ingredient is almond oil.  I learned from the lush website that almonds are a member of the plum family!  Who knew??  Almond oil was not used for fragrance in this melt, but is filled with vitamin E, which is great for your skin.  I love using vitamin E oil on my face and to tame my hair when I curl it, so this was an easy way to get that vitamin E on all my skin.


This melt was amazingly moisturizing and my skin was silky smooth afterward.


This was probably one of my favorite melts from Lush and I was left with pretty pink bath water.  I will definitely be getting this one again next year.


To see the first Valentine’s bath bomb go here: Lover Lamp

And the second one is here: Rose Bombshell


All bath bomb info from


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