Rose Bombshell

2 of 4 Valentine’s Day bath bombs – Rose Bombshell:


This bath bomb is made with sea salt, sicillian lemon oil, geranium oil, rose absolute and rose oil.  Bright pink swirls emerge as the bath bomb begins to dissolve.

Then, surprise!  Beautiful yellow rose petals start floating around your bath tub!


The featured ingredient in this one is the rose absolute which comes from the Damask rose.  It has many components that gives this absolute its aroma and several different properties.


This scent is used by aroma-therapists to help with depression, sadness and with balancing emotions.  It is also considered an aphrodisiac.


Rose absolute is also very moisturizing so it is great for dry or irritated skin.

I found this bath bomb to be very relaxing and enjoyable.  I would love if there were more rose petals hiding inside of it, but it was still all very pretty to look at.  Perfect for sharing a bath with your Valentine.



To see the first Valentine’s bath bomb go here: Lover Lamp


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