Time For A Change

I had a little wake up call today.  It was wonderful!  I have been so depressed about my break up (and other past relationships) and essentially losing what I thought was the love of my life, that its pretty much all I have been able to think about.

As I was scrolling through my reader I saw a post inviting people to share their love story.  My immediate response was: depressing.

His response: “Your love story can be about your doggy Reno.  There are so many expressions of love.”

::WHOOSH: <-  That was my mind exploding with this wisdom that I already had inside of me, but could not see with my current perspective.  Like, duh!  Somewhere inside I knew this, but needed the reminder.  So I thank you.

This situation, as painful as it is, does not need to be my main focus.  I need to be thankful for all the love I do have, from my family and friends and, yes, from my precious baby Reno.  I think this really hit me hard because Reno almost died when he was a puppy.  It is a miracle that he lived and it is the reason I came to Christ.  How could I forget the miracle that is in my life that I love so much?  Or what Christ did for me because He loves me.

So it is time to remember that there are different and better perspectives to have on my life and I will try my best to choose the right one!


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