Bath Time Fun

This post is going to cover three bath bombs from Lush!

The first one is Lava Lamp:


This one is made with orange absolute, tangerine oil, sicilian mandarin oil, organic extra virgin olive oil and organic castor oil.


The little purple orbs are made out of cocoa butter, so as the rest of the bath bomb dissolves giving you bright orange water, the orbs slowly melt away creating a lava lamp like effect!


It was pretty cool!  The tangerine oil helps relieve stress.  It is good for your skin and the scent can also help with insomnia.  It really smelled great and it was very skin softening.



The second bath bomb is The Experimenter:



It is made with crackling, popping candy, vetivert oil, tonka absolute and fair trade vanilla absolute.  The colors this bomb unleashed were BEAUTIFUL!


The vetivert oil comes from the roots of the tall vetivert grass that grows in places like India and Tahiti and is cultivated in many other countries.  This oil has an earthy, smokey aroma and is thought to be the oil of tranquility because of its soothing properties.  It is also thought to be an aphrodisiac. Vetivert oil is great for aches and pains and for the skin.


I had seen on Instagram that people were making bath tub art photos with this bath bomb and they were stunning; however, I found that when I tried it, the colors dissipated so fast that there was no way I was going to get an awesome picture like I had seen on Instagram, unless I used two or three of these bath bombs at once.  Nonetheless, it was still fun to see all the different colors.  It smelled awesome and I was left with shimmery bath water.



The third and final bath bomb is actually a bath oil called Razzle Dazzle:


Made with organic shea butter, fair trade organic cocoa butter, extra virgin coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, persian lime oil, bergamot oil and violet leaf absolute, this little pink raspberry scented ball is quite luxurious!


The shea butter comes from the Karite tree and Lush gets theirs from a woman who processes it BY HAND.  There are several compounds in shea butter, such as vitamin A, that are great for the skin and of course it is amazingly moisturizing.


I was left with pretty, pink bath water and was left feeling softer than ever!

I hope you enjoyed learning about these bath bombs and the bath oil.  Valentine’s bath bombs coming soon….


Bath Bomb info from




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