Winter Wonderland

A couple days ago, I was playing The Sims 4, and I look to the window and see tons of giant puffy snowflakes pouring down from the sky.  I walk  over to take in the beauty and out of nowhere a GIANT lightning strike immediately followed by a ROARING boom!  Whoa!!

Thunder and lightning AND snow!  It was weird.  And it only happened once.  Well, a little later the snow fall became heavier and it was about time to take Reno potty, so we went out to play in the snow a little bit.

This is the view from my patio.


There is an “unused” tennis court in my apartment complex that we can use as a little dog park, so that is where I went to let Reno run around in the snow.


He’s so cute!


We only stayed out for a little bit though.  I didn’t want Reno to get too cold.


I took some videos, too.

Here is Reno running around like a crazy pup! hehehe




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  1. veg4life says:

    He’s so cute!☺️

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