Golden Wonder

Here is another holiday bath bomb: Golden Wonder!


This bath bomb is made with cognac, lime, sweet orange and gardenia extract.  It starts off with golden shimmer.


Soon, it starts to release a bright, beautiful turquoise color.


Then, surprise!  Tons of little golden stars!


The featured ingredient in this bath bomb is the cognac oil.  The oil comes from fermented grapes, more commonly used to make brandy.  😉  The cognac gives a fruity scent to this bath bomb.


I really like this one, it is a lot of fun to use.  I like to watch all the little stars floating around the tub – eventually they dissolve.  It smells great, leaves my skin feeling nice and it leaves me with bright bathwater.  😀

To see other holiday bath bombs you can go to these links:

The Magic of Christmas

Snow Angel

And here is a holiday soap:

Snow Castle


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