Snow Castle


This soap from Lush, used to be called Snow Cake, but its still just as wonderful.  It is super creamy and made with rose and benzion resinoid (resin from an evergreen tree).  It is also made with almond, rapeseed oil, coconut oil and cassie absolute.  It smells like vanilla ice cream and marzipan.  Snow Castle is really great on dry skin, perfect for winter.

The featured ingredient is the extra virgin coconut oil.  An interesting fact that I discovered on the lush website is that one coconut palm can produce up to 200 coconuts!  I love coconut oil!  It is great for so many different things.  I use it on my face as a moisturizer, antiseptic and antibacterial.  I also use products with coconut oil on my hair.  I guess oil pulling is a thing, too, so maybe one day I will try it.  I also use coconut oil for cooking and greasing pans.

Another interesting fact I found on the site is that the Sanskrit name for coconut oil is kalpa vrishka which means tree that gives all that is necessary for living.

Coconut oil is extremely moisturizing.  It can help with psoriasis and eczema and provides balance to the skin, which is very important with elasticity and preventing breakouts.

This is a wonderful holiday soap and one of my favorite ones overall that Lush makes.  I can just feel it making my skin soft and healthy.



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