The Magic of Christmas

It’s Christmas bath bomb time!!!  I don’t have the money to get all of them and share like I did with the Halloween bath bombs, so there are only two I will be sharing, unless I miraculously have more money before Christmas.

This one, The Magic of Christmas, is a bubble bar that you can get more than one bath out of!  I will get at least two, maybe three baths out of it.


hehehe Reno in the  background.  🙂

This bubble bar is made with a cinnamon stick, cinnamon leaf and clove bud.  It is also made with almond oil, sweet orange oil and star anise.


That little rubber piece behind the bubble bar is my new best friend!  At the old apartment they had covered the metal piece with the over flow drain with tape so they could re-gloss the tub and they forgot to take it off.  As a result, the overflow drain was covered and I was able to take amazing, warm baths.   At the new place I took a bath with the drainage hole not covered and it was very disappointing.  You don’t realize what you are missing until you take a bath with the water filled all the way to the top.  Well, I discovered online that they make covers with suction cups to cover the over flow hole!  I went to Walmart and Home Depot and neither carried them in store.  I did find it at Bed, Bath and Beyond, though!  Yay!  My bath was wonderful and I wasn’t cold!

Anyway, back to the bubble bar.

An interesting ingredient is star anise.


Star anise is an evergreen tree that bears fruit with one single star shaped seed in it.  It is used in food flavoring and herbal medicine.  It is known to help indigestion and with calming colds.  It can be used as incense and as an essential oil.  Star anise is also an antibacterial and an anti-fungal.

The Magic of Christmas smelled great, produced plenty of bubbles, turned my water a shimmery orange and left my skin wonderfully soft and clean.


Ingredient info from







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  1. Great blog post! I have one of these still left over from last year. Do you think you could check out my blog and possibly follow? Thanks so much xx

    1. Tinny Time says:

      Yeah, sure! Follow me, too! Yay new blogging friends!

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