#TBT Red Blend

This is yet another wine that we got from Club W: the 2015 #TBT Red Blend.


The bottle reads: Throw it back with #TBT – to last year’s sun-soaked summer days, that unforgettable camping trip with your best friends, and the halcyon days of your carefree youth.  #TBT drinks easy and California-breezy, so pour a glass of this red blend to remember the good times – then go out and create some more!


Alcohol by volume is 13.8%.  It is produced and bottled in Santa Maria, California and it is made with cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot.  It is fruity, medium-bodied and was brewed in stainless steel.  It has hints of thyme and white pepper and has a little bit of earthiness.

The first time I tried it I was baking cookies….


….and I actually did not like it that much, hence, I did not have anymore for about a week.  Strangely, the second time around I liked it a lot more and it was much more drinkable – I finished the bottle.  It ended up being a rather decent wine to sip on, however, I probably would not get it again.  It just didn’t stand out enough compared to some of the really great wines I’ve gotten from Club W.


Here are some really tasty wines we have gotten:

Cowtown, Alchymist Blanc, Cocomero

One From The Quiver

La Muleta Garnacha

Alchymist Noir Red Blend


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