Cleveland Christmas Lights 8/10 – Chandler Commons

The eighth location is less than ten minutes away from the previous one.  This is Crown Point Parkway in the development of Chandler Commons, Strongsville.  I at least drive through here every year.   It is right down the street from my aunt and uncle who my dad and I usually visit on Christmas Eve, so I have known about this one for quite awhile.  They have music playing at a couple of the houses and you can visit Santa on the weekends.  When my niece was younger we took her there and my ex happened to work with the guy playing Santa, so we told him her name so that he would magically know her when she walked up.  It was pretty awesome. hehe




The next location is about 15-20 minutes away in Middleburg Heights.

For the first location and snack ideas go here: Independence

Second location: Chagrin Falls

3: Nela Park

4: University Circle

5: Public Square

6: Seabury

7: Strongsville



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