Cleveland Christmas Lights 10/10 – Downtown Berea

Since I had to omit one of the locations on the tour because it was a bust, I felt I needed to find a new one.  It was already getting late by the time we left the last location and I didn’t want to go too far, so we decided to check out Downtown Berea.

I LOVE Berea!  There’s tons of areas to walk around that are all very close to each other: Metroparks, Coe Lake, Wallace Lake, Music Mound.  You can see some of these areas herehere and here.  I also went to college here at Baldwin-Wallace University so I have some fond memories.

We found some lights in a shopping area of Downtown Berea and at Coe Lake.  This location was about 10 or 15 minutes away from the last location and the two areas that we looked at were within 2 minutes of each other, if that.


Well that concludes the Cleveland Christmas Lights Tour!  A couple ended up being not so good, but I was able to find another one and there were also some really great ones.  I think the best ones were Independence, Nela Park, Public Square, and both Strongsville locations.  I’m having a hard time picking a favorite out of those.  Nela Park had the most unique lights, Independence was the most quaint location and the Strongsville locations may have been the most fun.

I hope you liked this series of posts and if you’re from the area I hope you now have some new places to go look at Christmas lights.

For the first location and snack ideas go here: Independence

Second location: Chagrin Falls

3: Nela Park

4: University Circle

5: Public Square

6: Seabury

7: Strongsville

8: Chandler Commons

9: Church Lights



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