Cleveland Christmas Lights 5/10 – Public Square

We had planned on doing all ten in one night, but this was our last one of that particular evening.  While driving from University Circle to Public Square we drove right by a shooting.  We heard all of these bangs and the people on the sidewalk went running into the street.  We heard and felt something hit the car.  When we got to Public Square we couldn’t really tell if there was anything wrong with the car so we went to look at the lights.  When we were done and got on the highway to go to the next location my car was overheating.  We pulled over at the first available exit and pulled over and my car was leaking coolant, so we called a tow truck.  The next day my mechanic pulled the bullet out of my car along with the damaged radiator.  It was insane!  I am so happy to be alive!  I’m happy Jake is alive!  And I am happy my puppy is alive!

It was around 10:00 when we left Public Square so it would have been pretty late by the time we were done with all ten.  Again, we get out at every location.

Anyway, here are the lights from Public Square.


They have horse drawn carriage rides around the square.  I would love to do that sometime, but I’m sure its obnoxiously expensive.  I was afraid to ask.  Ha!




This location was about 15-20 minutes away from University Circle.  The next location is in Fairview Park, about 25 minutes from Downtown; however, since we did that location on a different night it was about 25 minutes from home.  🙂

To see the first location along with snack ideas go here: Independence

Second Location: Chagrin Falls

Third Location: Nela Park

Fourth Location: University Circle


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  1. Wow. Talk about an adventure/misadventure. Glad you’re okay!

    1. Tinny Time says:

      hahaha I know, right! Crazy! Thanks, me too!

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