Cleveland Christmas Lights 1/10 – Independence

I discovered a post on Facebook about a Cleveland Christmas Lights Tour that originated from  The tour takes you all around the suburbs of Cleveland and without any stops it is supposed to take about three hours.  It takes us longer because we like to get out at every stop and it takes awhile to find parking in downtown areas.  We went from 6:00 PM to about 9:30 PM and only got half way through the tour, mostly because of car difficulties which will be explained later, but we plan to finish the tour when I get my car back from the shop.  I am going to split this up into 10 posts – one post for each location – over the next few days.

Before we get to the actual location for this post we need to talk about prep!


It was cold and snowy…about 25 degrees, so we bundled up.

A fun festive sweater to match the snow…not that anyone saw it.  😛


Layers!  Festive, fleece lined leggings under jeans, super warm socks, and I had super warm boots on.  They actually don’t keep water out well, but even with the little bit of snow it wasn’t really wet out.


More layers!  Cozy coat and super soft hat and cowl.


Reno was bundled up, too, with his winter coat and hat.



Cucumber sandwiches!  One of my favorites!

Cream cheese, ranch mix, potato bread because that’s all I had, cucumbers and a sprinkle of dill.


I tried to make them as bite size as possible since we would be eating them in the car.


We also brought popcorn (butter, white cheddar and caramel), honey roasted peanuts and chocolate chip cookies.


I thought about bringing eggnog or stopping at Starbucks for some hot chocolate, but my body was really lacking water that day so we brought several bottles.

And now on to the first location!

Public Square of Independence

This location is about fifteen minutes or so away from my apartment in Parma.  It is located on Brecksville Road, really close to Independence Middle School.


All of the churches and buildings were all lit up.


And this tree was GORGEOUS!


We were very happy with the first stop on our Christmas Lights Tour.  It was very quaint and pretty!

The next post will be Chagrin Falls!


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