Happy Halloween everyone! Yay!

Today concludes my Fall and Halloween bath bomb collection.

A quick review:

All of these bath bombs are from LUSH, a store featuring bath and beauty products that are very natural, luxurious, fun and they actually work!  Also, they are against testing on animals, try to help the environment and do a lot of charity work.

The first bath bomb was Lord of Misrule.  Based on the Feast of Fools, this one created gorgeous colors in the bath water and was made with great smelling patchouli.

The second was Autumn Leaf.  This one was in the shape of a leaf and it made the bath water look like it was reflecting an autumn forest.  The neroli oil made for a revitalizing bath.

The third bath bomb was the Pumpkin bath-o-lantern.  This created a warm, spicy bath with pimento, vanilla and cinnamon.  I was left with bright jack-o-lantern bath water.

The fourth was Monster’s Ball.  This cute little cyclops spewed out bright pink and blue water that eventually turned into a deep purple.  Cocoa butter, olibanum oil and vegan dark chocolate made this little guy a real treat.

The fifth one was actually a bubble bar: Sparkly Pumpkin.  This shimmery beauty left me with orange sparkly bath water that slightly clung to the skin afterward.  The juniper berry in this fun one made it wonderful for the skin as well.

And now we are on the final one, which is a luxurious bath melt.




This cutie is made with cocoa butter, ginger, and floral and citrus oils.  The cocoa butter is fair trade and organic!  It smells great and leaves your skin feeling velvety soft!


The floral and citrus scents come from geranium oil, bergamot oil, mimosa absolute, sandalwood oil and Sicilian mandarin oil.


The featured ingredient in Boo is the Bergamot oil.  This oil is obtained from the peel of the fruit and is commonly used in Earl Grey tea.  It’s scent is refreshing and relaxing and is used as an anti-depressant.  It is also an anti-bacterial.  Bergamot oil is also used in some of Lush’s shampoos as it adds shine and gloss to the hair.  It is used as aromatherapy for those with Seasonally Affected Disorder, so this one is perfect now that the weather is starting to get a little more dreary.  We have been pretty lucky so far with the abundance of sunshine and mild days.

I was left with super silky, spooky ghost bath water.  😉  The after effects are very sumptuous.


And there you have it: my collection of Fall and Halloween bath bombs, bubble bars and bath melts.


Have a happy and safe Halloween!




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  1. reocochran says:

    I was baptized in Parma, Ohio in an Episcopalian church by the strip mall which used to be called Parma Town. I went to high school on the west side of Cleveland. I could practically be your grandmother (I have 3 grown kids who are 36, 35 and almost 31 and 7 grandkids.)
    I liked the Edgewater lake shot, as well as the Baldwin Lake, I forget if it were close to Baldwin Wallace in Berea.
    Your shaggy pup is cute! I was a teacher, first in middle school then special needs preschool. I hope you will find a wonderful position sometime in the near future! Smiles, Robin xo
    I enjoyed your nice introduction on the gravatar page.

    1. Tinny Time says:

      Hi! Ha! That is all so awesome! hehehe I live very close to Parma Town…they are re-doing it. It’s the Shoppes of Parma now. hehehe
      Yay for teaching!!! hehe
      Where do you live now?
      Thanks for the message! Hope to be in contact and be great blogging friends. hehe 🙂

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