Monster’s Ball

1) Lord of Misrule

2) Autumn Leaf

3) Pumpkin

And now number 4: Monster’s Ball!


This cute little cyclops smells like lime and neroli.  It’s made with cocoa butter, vegan dark chocolate, olibanum oil and himalayan rock salt.


The featured ingredient is the neroli oil and you can learn about some of its features here.  Since that was the featured ingredient I am going to focus on the olibanum oil.  I had no idea what this was, but it turns out its actually frankincense!  It has been used as perfume and in religious practices in order to cleanse and drive away evil spirits.  Egyptians used it for embalming!


Olibanum can be used as an astringent and antiseptic.  It is also used for meditation.  It covers the skin with a thin protective film, which softens and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. It is effective on sore, cracked, de-hydrated skins, such as eczema-prone, dry and mature skins.

This was a wonderful bath bomb.  They always are a treat, though.  🙂  The colors were also beautiful and I was left with deep blueish-purple water.


There are two more bath bombs left in my Fall/Halloween collection.  I am hoping to get one bath/post done Saturday and then the last one on Halloween.  It’s coming up fast!  I can’t believe Monday is already Halloween.

Stay tuned over the next few days for the last two bath bombs!


Bath Bomb info from



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