Buckeye Trail

I have been on this trail before.  We went about two miles.  Well, we decided to go back and hike the full trail.  The sign at point of entry near Blue Hen Falls said that the trail was 4 miles.  That was a lie!  At 5 miles we still had not reached our destination (Jaite Mill) and we had to turn around since Jake had to work later that day.  It turns out Buckeye Trail is actually over 7 miles long.  We looked it up on All Trails which I have provided a link to.  I am hoping that we will be able to return before the weather gets too cold and all the pretty leaves are gone and do the whole trail.  According to All Trails it is ranked as Difficult, but it’s definitely doable and I think the 14 miles will be fun.  🙂

Trail leading down to the trail. hehe 😛


Bridges are always fun.




We came to this clearing that was pretty cool.  Great view!  We almost lost the trail and went down the service driveway for the electrical towers.  The actual trail was kind of hidden, but thankfully, Jake found it again.


It was very pretty. I hope I get back there soon.




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    1. Tinny Time says:

      Thanks! I will e-mail you.

      1. paintdigi says:

        yes . what is the favorite for you: 28.36 or 39?

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