Airshow 2016 – Roar Over The Shore

Every Labor Day weekend my dad gets box seats to the annual Cleveland air show at Burke Lakefront Airport.  My phone camera doesn’t cut it for taking pictures of soaring jets high in the sky, but I tried.  🙂

There was this cute little remote controlled boat that spoke to the kids.  It was pretty cool.


Lilly as we explored all of the static planes.


More wondering around.


The Golden Knights


Blurry picture of Shock Wave, the jet powered truck.


There were a lot of pyrotechnics involved with that demonstration.  😀

Mattie being cute.


The Coast Guard.


Lilly and me.  🙂


And the main attraction: The Blue Angels!  Yay!


The Blue Angels being awesome.


It was a lot of fun, as usual, and the weather was prefect this year.  There was one year where it was freezing cold and raining and everyone was hiding inside the static jets.  And the past two years were so sweltering hot it was almost unenjoyable.  But this year was perfect!

Looking forward to the Thunderbirds next year.  🙂


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