House of Wills

As promised, here are some more photos from the House of Wills.  For those who did not see the last House of Wills post, it is a mansion that was built around 1905 that has been used for many things, but it was mainly used as a funeral home.  It was abandoned for awhile, but was purchased again about 6 years ago and the new owner plans to renovate it.  The building is completely falling apart AND it is definitely haunted!  The most recent death was 10 years ago when a man was shot and he bled out on the front steps.  Definitely a lot of weird energy going on in there.

Anyway, Jake and I were asked to play parts in a movie being filmed there and filming was this past weekend.

Some of the outside of the building


A random cat figurine by the door


I put a bandana on to try to get some protection from the mold and asbestos and whatever else was in the air.


Decided a filter mask was probably better.


Here are some more pictures of the cathedral room.


Saturday we did a lot of work in the cathedral room and the spirits were just going nuts.  The energy was very icky and our light batteries kept dying as soon as we put them in.

The apartment upstairs and the circle room.


View from the window all the way upstairs.  Really crappy neighborhood, but what can ya do.


This building is HUGE!  You could get lost in here.  There are so many rooms and cubby holes and levels.  There has to be at least four or five floors above ground and then the basement has two levels, plus a sub basement!

Kitty wondering around.


Stairs and looking down a stairwell.


Break time!


Our makeup.


Newspaper clipping and a sign Jake found while wondering around.


Filling the basement with fog.


Filming the operating room scene.  These two pictures were taken either by Kim or Mel who were part of the film crew.


This is the casket room in the basement.  It is where they would show all the caskets you could pick from.  I saw a picture online of this room when it was in good condition.  It was so creepy to see the difference.


This one was taken by Mel.


Random room


And finally Dreamworld.  Picture also taken by Mel.


It was a really fun and cool experience.  I can’t wait to see how the movie turns out!  😉





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