Bath by Candle Light

Sooo I was on here, actually, when the power decided to go out the other day.  I saw the power lines jumping around like crazy.  I think some lines further down the street broke and wrapped around a pole, causing the whole street to go out.

I sat on the balcony a little bit with Reno and then decided it was the perfect opportunity to take a nice relaxing bath, by candle light, of course.


My friend, Jessica, gave me some belated birthday gifts.  One of which was this wonderful box of soap flowers.


They are so cute.  And they made my skin super soft.


Fluff decided to keep me company and you can just barely see Reno back there in the hallway. hehe


My relaxation was temporarily ruined when the hall bathroom door started opening and closing on its own.  Assuming it was a draft.  Eeeek!

Anyway!  Overall, it was great – I love baths!  Great way to de-stress and pamper.  The power ended up coming back on when I was almost done with my bath. hehe 😉


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