I love looking through all my pictures and reliving all the memories.  These particular ones are from my “photos of you” album on Facebook.  Ha!

Wow!  This is an old picture!  Halloween with one of my best friends, Rachel.  Passing out candy.  I was Mrs. Lovett.


Ahh Brookpark Skateland.  I worked there when I was a teenager, but this was some time after that with my friend Shannon.  I miss skating – it’s great exercise.  Unfortunately, my skates are so old that they are starting to fall apart and new ones are luxury I cannot afford at the moment.


This is a picture from my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding.  My sister-in-law, her daughter, my mom and myself all had bows on our shoes.  It wasn’t planned, so of course we needed to take a picture.  🙂


Oh!  This is from my bachelorette party.  Unfortunately, the subsequent marriage did not last, but it was still a fun time with my best girlies.  We had a little get together at my friend Jessica’s house.  Then we went for massages and champagne.  Then to dinner at The Pub.  And finally we went to a few bars.  Good times.


The first time I ever had my hair that short!  And the only time.  Ha!  Maybe I’ll do it again one day. hehe  At Huntington Beach, one of my favorite places to go.


This one is kind of a sad memory.  This was at a fundraiser for my friend’s niece, Holly,  whose mother passed away.  Of course it was very sad, but it was nice to see how many people cared about Holly.


Doing my friend’s makeup for her wedding.  That marriage didn’t last either.  Ha!  We are doing so well here aren’t we?


Halloween party!  Yay!  Pirate.  Mrs. Flintstone.  Mrs. Krger.  Cat.  Hello Kitty.  That was a pretty fun night.  We had lots of food and games and trophies for best costumes.  This was at my very first apartment – Royal Oaks.  Nice place, but too expensive.


Bowling fun.  Some of my besties: Jessica, Michelle and Ashley.


Bible Study.  This was a great study and a great group of women.  I think this was actually The Cross study.  So good!  This was at Jackie’s house.  She led the study in an awesome way and she is a great friend.


Getting baptized on Easter about three years ago.  What an amazing day that was!


This was from the Cuyahoga County Fair a couple years ago.  Goats and sheep always love to kiss my nose.  hehehe


Picture with Raven and Connie at the Fox.  Fun times!


The next two are fun at concerts.  hehe  Jake likes to dress up as the Joker as you have probably seen from previous posts, so this isn’t really any different. hehe


This was from my friend Heather’s bachelorette party.  Another very fun night.  Here was at the Clifton Wine and Martini Bar.  Scrumptious martinis of course and GREAT food.  At the time I wasn’t vegetarian and I had crab stuffed shrimp.  I remember it tasting really great, but, obviously, no more eating the animals.


Wizard World Comicon.  I didn’t dress up except for the last day.  I was attempting to be Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.  I had a little pot with Groot in it that I was carrying around, too. hehehe


These are from a horror convention that we went to in Indianapolis.  We stayed the whole weekend.  It was pretty fun and interesting and I got to carry Reno around with me the whole time.  🙂


Cleveland annual air show.  My dad gets box seats every year so we have an awesome view of all the demonstrations.  Here, we were walking around looking at all the static displays.


One of my favorites from the day we went exploring Lakeview Cemetery.  I can’t wait to go back again in early fall.


From my friend’s bachelorette party a few months ago.  We went to dinner at a pub and then went to Painting with a Twist.  Here we are with all of our paintings.  After that we went to the casino and then to Brew Garden.


Pictures my parents took of Jake and I.  The first is at Rachel and Mike’s wedding ceremony, the second at their reception.


And finally this is a pic of Jake and Reno and I on a paddle boat.  Our friend A.J. lives on a teeny little lake.  It’s gorgeous and, as stated, they have a paddle boat on which we went.  Ha!


That is it for this session of Memories.  I’m excited to look through more older albums.  This album only had a couple of really old ones.  Ha!







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  1. Great post! I agree as well, looking through old pics always makes me happy

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