Cuyahoga County Fair

13912472_10209959060270352_831418154435063738_n13912826_10209959064670462_1786454701711049966_n13912460_10209959064830466_5383596034864633891_n13892233_10209959084550959_4145841463493826657_n13903392_10209959064790465_4220894878049253349_n13902699_10209959087231026_2240021611425715963_n13912632_10209959067150524_1498778894436496294_n13912843_10209959069030571_7745011917788326549_n13886419_10209959067230526_827129513195805078_n13876580_10209959068950569_2516614197157426322_nWe went to the Cuyahoga County Fair at the Berea Fairgrounds.  It was very enjoyable.  We ate fried pickles, peirogi, potato pancakes and cabbage and noodles, and drank fresh squeezed lemonade and old fashioned soda – vanilla cream and orange.  All very tasty.

We looked at all the different vendors, but didn’t buy anything.

All of the barns had animals in them.  There was a barn with rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and swans.  One with goats, sheep and pigs.  One with draft horses and one with other horses, alpacas and more pigs, rabbits, chickens and guinea pigs.  The goats are my favorite.  They are so friendly and adorable and its so funny when they make their noises.

Then we were in the grand stand waiting for the fireworks to start, but it stared storming.  There was an awesome lightning show.  A video will be posted soon.  We figured they weren’t going to have the fireworks so we headed back to the car.  We got soaked and I jumped in all the puddles.  It was fun. hehe  We got to the gate and they announced that they were still having the fireworks even though it was POURING.  So we watched them from the car.

Yup, it was a fun day.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. mylittlegiftforyou says:

    wow great photography! I especially love the fourth picture down of the Ferris wheel!!

    1. Tinny Time says:

      Oh thank you! That means a lot! I want to become better at photography, but I can’t afford a fancy shmancy camera right now. 😉

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