House of Wills

A friend of ours is part of a filming group and she asked Jake and I to be in it!  I originally wasn’t going to have a part, but then was asked to and it is a small role that I am comfortable doing.  We have a met a couple times – first, to do a script reading and second, to do a tour and a rehearsal.  We will actually be filming at the end of the month.

The filming is taking place at the House of Wills on the east side of Cleveland.  It is a mansion that was built in 1905 that has been several things, but mainly it was a funeral home.  It lay dormant for a few years and for that reason and because of the bad neighborhood it is falling apart.  It is also haunted!  The most recent death was 10 years ago when a man was shot and bled out at the front door.  The property was purchased, I think 6 years ago, and now people film there and do paranormal investigations.  The owner plans on renovating it.

I only took a few pictures last time we were there, but I plan on taking a bunch during the weekend that we film, so there will be another post coming with more pictures. 😀

This is the outside of the building.  The front entrance has plants growing over it.  It’s really pretty.


This is the side of the building and the door that we go in to.


And this is the cathedral room.


Creepy.  Ha!


And this is just a really awesome Aliens statue that the owner has in the area of the house that he lives in.



I can’t wait to take more pictures and share them.  I used to have some from years ago when I did a paranormal investigation, but I deleted them all.  :-/  Oh well, I will just have to take more.


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    1. Tinny Time says:

      Thanks! My phone camera doesn’t quite cut it in dark places like this, but you still get the idea. It’s a really cool place.

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