Wild Flower Craft

I had a cute pot sitting in my kitchen with nothing in it.  I decided that I would put artificial flowers in it rather than drilling a hole for water drainage and putting real flowers in it.


First, I put a piece of Styrofoam in the bottom to hold the flowers and covered that with Spanish moss.


I knew that I wanted my arrangement to look like something straight out of a field of wild flowers, so those are the types of flowers I went for at Pat Catan’s.  I trimmed my flowers to the desired length by bending them back and forth and lightly cutting away at the outer plastic.  The inner wire will eventually break.  I wasn’t sure if we had wire cutters and did not feel like looking for some, but this method worked just fine.


Then I started sticking the flowers into my Styrofoam to create an arrangement.


Getting bigger.


I found a cute little nest, so I used some hot glue to attach some Spanish moss and some robin’s eggs.


I also found a sparkly butterfly.  🙂


I has a little clip on the back, so I simply clipped it to one of the flower stems.


Finally, I put some more Spanish moss in to hide some of the stems.


And all finished!


I put it on a shelf in my kitchen.  All that is missing is my ivy plant that usually sits behind the watering can and owl tea pot, but it is currently in the window.


While I was at Catan’s I found this really pretty flower.


So, I put it in one of my favorite decorations: a gorgeous green vase that I got when I was a kid at Hale Farm’s glass blowing demonstration.


I may put a thin layer of rocks or sand in the bottom, but I haven’t decided what yet.


Hope you enjoyed this craft and it gives you some inspiration for your own.  🙂



2 Comments Add yours

    1. Tinny Time says:

      It WAS fun! 🙂 Very relaxing, too.

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