Cleveland Museum of Natural History

A couple weeks ago we went to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History down in University Circle.  It was pretty interesting.

The featured exhibit was all about Poison.

This particular area was talking about Snow White and if the story is somewhat possible.  Basically, yes, there are some poisons that are paralyzing and/or slow things down so a person would appear dead, especially to people back in the day.


This area was about the use of poisons in China and how they believed some were beneficial, like taking mercury pills.


Here there were discussions about witches and poison.  A lot of people were using hallucinogens which made them believe they were flying, so this is possibly where the idea of witches flying came from.


There were several little interactive computer games where you had to look at an area and determine what poisoned an animal or a person.  This one was about an owl.


This book was pretty awesome.  It had these pictures projected on it and they were interactive.  Also, when you turned the pages the pictures changed.


We moved on to rock formations, crystals, geodes, fossils, that type of thing.


Then on to the gems and jewels collection.  I chose to take a picture of emeralds since its my birthstone.  🙂


These were pretty nifty.




We went outside and they had otters.  They also had coyotes (not pictured).


Finally, we went into the planetarium.


They played a little 20 minutes video about the universe.  It was pretty cool..a little dizzying sometimes, but really awesome.  Here is the very beginning of it.


It was pretty cool and it doesn’t take as long to go through as I thought.  I’d like to go back when they bring a new featured exhibit.



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