Handling the Bad Times

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

-Hebrews 6:19

Today’s devotional is about the hope the Lord gives us.  It is easy for us to lose our way with everything going on in our busy lives, but the Lord is our anchor and are hope when life gets rough.

Lord, I cling to Your as my anchor.  Although I may feel lost at times, I know You are here with me, holding me secure, giving me hope.

The devotional for today, “coincidentally,” went along with today’s service.

Today our pastor talked about what we are to do in times of crisis, when our lives seem to be falling apart.  This is where we turn to the Lord and pray, remember the Word of the Lord and receive what He is doing.

He talked about how people think they are being punished for their sins or that they are out of God’s will.  He also talked about how people think a good god would not allow crisis.  But all of this is wrong.  Pastor Dan told us that a good God cares more about your character than your happiness and he allows crisis in our lives to strengthen us and to strengthen our faith.  He allows this because He loves us and wants to come in close and speak to us and free us.  During the storm we must have faith in Him and go to Him instead of everything else.  We can rest in the knowledge that Jesus has authority over our lives and we do not have to worry.

Why are you so afraid, ye of little faith?



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