How A Restaurant Works And Other Facts of Life 101

Ok, I’m going to try to quell some of the ignorance here about the restaurant business. How A Restaurant Works And Other Facts Of Life 101.

1) Extreme wind causes power outages.
2) Restaurants have no control over power outages. It has nothing to do with us. We can’t fix the problem. The city fixes the problem. We have no control over how fast the city fixes the problem.
3) With no power a restaurant cannot do ANYTHING. We can’t keep opening coolers and freezers and letting all the cold air out because then the food will spoil. We can’t even see in the kitchen with no power, especially if the batteries on the emergency lights have gone out because the power was out all night while no one was there. More than half of our equipment does not work without power.
4) It takes about three hours to open a restaurant. Prep people have to do a list in the morning that could be as short as four hours or as long as ten hours depending on the day. So we are still prepping for the rest of the day while we are open to the public. However, we can get enough food prepped and ready for us to open in about three hours. If our power comes on at whatever time and we open for the public that HAS to have our food RIGHT NOW, there is no way we are going to be ready with everything. There is no way to have three hours worth of work done in 30 minutes. It takes 30 minutes alone just to get areas set up and ready for food. That doesn’t include filling it with food that takes time to be cooked or warmed up. So, no, we cannot have everything you want in a half an hour.
5) When we do open and there is a massive group of people waiting to get in, we cannot seat you all at once because A) We would have to triple and quadrupal seat the servers. They would have to get drinks, food and refills for as many as 15 people all at once. Your service would be very slow and you would be very unhappy. B) All the food would be rung in all at once and the kitchen would crash. There is no way for the kitchen to handle that many tables being rung in at one time. Your food would take forever and you would be upset. Also, most kitchens only start with two or three cooks (two people cannot cook that amount of food in the time you would desire it) and they work five stations at once. Starting with wo or three cooks is suffucient for every day business, but we cannot plan for a power outage. “Oh hey, a week and half from now we are going to have damaged power lines, so we better schedule for that.” ………
6) Being unreasonable and ridiculously rude to your server for something that is completely out of our control is unacceptable. There is absolutely no reason to cuss out your server over food. You are not starving. When you are eating mud for your nutrition every day then you can come talk to me about starvation. Do not swear and yell at your server over issues that are out of their control and out of the entire staff’s control. Are you going to go yell at the wind for damaging the power lines? No. So why are you going to yell at your server?

So there’s just some of the basics folks. So tell your friends how it works so you stop looking like morons and so we stop having terrible days with servers crying because they are being treated like garbage for no good reason at all. Thanks.


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