Flower Obsession

Yes, I have a flower obsession.  Well, a plant obsession actually.  Real is preferred, but fake works, too.  🙂

This little guy originally came in a Christmas ornament, so I named him Noel.  🙂  I transferred him to this bowl of beans.


The hyacinth Jake got me has grown immensely.  Really pretty and it smells up the whole kitchen.  Its wonderful.


My sister-in-law got me an aerogarden for Christmas.  It has pods for basil, dill and curly parsley.  It’s really neat!  The light stays on for 16 hours and while the light is on the water is aerated.  It also came with nutrients to feed them every two weeks.  The basil is all the way to the right and the dill is starting to come up in the middle.


This ivy I’ve had for quite a bit now.  I think ivy is so pretty and its super easy to take care of.


Moving on to the fake plants.  I used this as inspiration for my wedding bouquets and I love the springy colors.  I feel like it brightens up the room.


Random yellow flowers left over from a wreath I made.  Love this wine bottle, too.  It’s so cute.  Funny story – the wine wasn’t that great.


Another flower left over from a wreath project.  This is one of my favorite ceramic decorations.  I got it at Old Time Pottery.


My mom recently gave me this little arrangement.  I think she got it from my grandma.  The “vase” is so unique.


I made these flowers in Spanish class in high school.  Ha!  I still love them, though.


Before I moved out of my parent’s house I always said I wanted a little tree; hence, this tree.  😉  Right now it has pink and red lights on it for Valentine’s Day.


Little owl. 🙂


And a little bat that my friend, Connie, got me for Christmas.  It’s possible it’s supposed to be a Christmas ornament, but he stays out all year round because bats are adorable.


And that is all for now.  The apartment is really starting to come together.  And I can’t wait until spring – already have flower plans for the balcony.  😀



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