Move: Successful!

Well, it was very stressful, but all moved in and have the majority of the boxes unpacked.  On the 31st we moved from 8:00 AM to almost 3:00 AM the next day.  It was not fun, but they pretty much only gave us one day to move so we didn’t have much choice.  And Uhaul only had a 10 foot truck.  If we had a bigger one we probably could have cut the time it took in half.  Oh well, though.  It is done and the new place is great.  Spacious and cozy.  :sigh of relief:  The first few days I did nothing but work, unpack, sleep, repeat, but the past couple days I have decided that its time to take a break and the rest can wait.

So, what’s been happening since then?  Not a lot, actually.  Ha!  Winter finally came.

This was a couple mornings ago, looking out a window at work.


Reno playing in the snow, waiting for me to get out of work. hehe


This day was a lot colder so Reno needed his winter coat.


The new apartment feels so much more like home than the old place.

Reno enjoying the new bath rug.  Ha!


Angelfluff inspecting the bath tub I suppose.  It is a wonderful tub by the way.  It’s the biggest one I’ve had and it fills up nice and high. Yay!


This was our first breakfast in the new apartment.  My aunt had gotten me a breakfast gift package for Christmas.  It contained gingerbread pancake mix with gingerbread syrup, raspberry scone mix and World Market coffee.  Yum!  It came with a spatula and a pretty red mixing bowl.  She also got us a bottle of Prosecco so we could make Mimosas.  They were delicious.


I decided to put our wine bottles out on the table.  I may eventually put them on a shelf, but for now they make a good conversation piece.  🙂  We also have enough room now to have the leaf in the table.


Reno is super cuddly as usual.  Poor guy had a ruptured anal sac, but he is almost completely better and almost done with his antibiotics.  AngelFluff also had a stressful time with the move.  The first week it was like he was possessed – lovey one minute and hissing and growling and attacking the next.  Thankfully the animals are adjusting well now.


Jake brought home this Hyacinth for me.  I love it and can’t wait for it to bloom.


One thing that takes getting used to is living on a main road.  All the traffic noise.  It isn’t so bad now with all the windows closed, but in the warmer months it may get annoying.  Maybe I will be used to it by then.  However, we do have a nice view of the woods from our bedroom window.  😀


We just got our internet transferred a couple days ago and even then it didn’t work the first day because they forgot to reconnect it to the pole.  So I finally was able to post today!  Yay!  I’ve missed it.

Overall, it has been a success.  Yay!


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    1. Tinny Time says:

      hehehe Thanks, it was such a relief to finally be moved and pretty much done.

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