Christmas in an Orphanage (Christmas History 1)

I am really excited to read all the interesting articles about Christmas on this blog!

Windows into History

Monet snow Snow at Argenteuil (Monet, 1875). Nothing to do with the article, but I like the painting!

American Quaker William Savery (1750-1804) was a notable abolitionist who travelled through Europe between 1796 and 1799.  His journal of travels was published posthumously, as A Journal of the Life, Travels, and Religious Labors of William Savery.  He spent one Christmas in Cork, Ireland, where he observed how the poor locals prepared for Christmas, and then visited an orphanage on Christmas Day:

It being near the time called Christmas, the people everywhere seemed preparing for it; most of the poor get some meat or poultry, and were bringing home on their backs plenty of broom, furze, turf, &c., to keep better fires than usual: most of the women and children were without stockings or shoes, and also many of the men at this cold season of the year, the air, being very chilling…

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