Cuyahoga Valley National Park

This park is HUGE and is connected to a lot of other reservations like Brecksville Reservation.  This particular area is around Peninsula, Boston Township and Richfield.  In fact, the Boston Mills skiing area is here.


The first time we went to this park was after work so we ran out of daylight really fast.  We stayed on the paved towpath, but still saw some cool stuff.  There was an old boat lock, a tunnel under the Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad, and we went on a wooden bridge through the Stumpy Basin, a preserved area where they used to harvest ice.

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The trail went under 271 and 80, follows the Cuyahoga River and went through the woods.

Blue Hen Falls

A couple days later we went back during the day and looked for trails in the woods.  We happened to come across Blue Hen Falls.  There is a small waterfall right at the beginning and then the trail continues for about .6 miles.

Trail entrance and bridge over the creek.

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Small waterfall.

10378957_10207770550998988_6594901871756801942_n 12191562_10207770552919036_6713239313570323677_n

Reno had a lot of fun on this hike, too.


The trail was a lot of fun and crossed the creek several times.

12188968_10207770624920836_6929660859909295139_n 12190019_10207770623520801_8529658571632817008_n 12191477_10207770563799308_7187253067266932721_n 12140758_10207770560479225_4122254389483983249_n 12219395_10207770556159117_742971242079459299_n 12190849_10207770550078965_1863913856633137006_n 12190062_10207770547758907_8369641058539839681_n 12208425_10207770548078915_4255690538550027769_n

Toward the end of the trail we found another waterfall.  We climbed up this one because – why not? ha!

12208388_10207770571999513_3503638789729438949_n 12189695_10207770572959537_2294503822201426568_n 12122744_10207770627520901_4667543426520045611_n 12193671_10207770629280945_4870914175828208012_n 12189595_10207770574399573_7485399652324656506_n 11222893_10207770631641004_738057214369046348_n

The trail went on for a couple more minutes and ended here.


Creeeeepy.  This is part of the Boston Mills skiing area – we could also see the ski lifts.

Lots of fun.  It was nice to come across a hiking trail, not just an easy walking trail.  I was pretty tired when we finished.  I’m happy we stumbled upon this place.  🙂


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