Fall Festiveness

Hair Change!

I’ve had the blonde highlights for a couple years now and it was time to go back to brown, especially with it being autumn and all.  Ended up doing brown and violet.




12190104_10207711987214930_7239689655038977885_n 12039614_1147712418590898_812383717815781355_n

Had to pamper myself with a Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar from LUSH – made with juniper berry, grapefruit oil and lime oil. It smelled great and turned my bath water a festive orange color.

12208278_10207777857901656_5095912252501134286_n 12208694_10207777859701701_7800169445358133672_n

Did half of a little leaf project.

1002361_10207686306372925_730750689672609706_n 12143286_10207686308452977_5474539401449689936_n 12115543_10207686311973065_1475231333441386823_n

Went for a walk and collected some leaves.  Melted some wax and dipped the leaves in it.  I am planning on making a leaf mobile/leaf sun catcher out of them.

Mattie’s 3rd birthday was on the 27th.  It was Pikachu themed.  🙂


Reno was festive with his little orange and black skull and cross bones shirt.  The ears even look like his ears. ha!


Kind of blurry, but I love this next picture.  My sister-in-law took it and we didn’t even know it.


Had to have festive nails.  I’m a little out of practice, but I decided to do them anyway since it’s been so long.

12004017_10207743324798350_9096238579306161153_n 12191929_10207743336478642_6242200841701706351_n 12065822_10207743371359514_5076186467867727355_n

Then of course there was Halloween.  I did plan on putting some face paint on and then decided not to, so I just went with super bright colors.


Reno as a shark.

12193781_10207748163839323_1109315119965100349_n 12122831_10207748166559391_2100157091448167872_n

Love this one!


I previously posted a picture of Lilly’s tiger costume.  Mattie was Pikachu.


This was my favorite costume that I saw.  Yay walking dead! hahahahaha


Timehop reminded me of last Halloween when we went to the Mushroomhead/ICP concert.  I dressed up as Ambelina from the Amory Wars, written by Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria.

7054_10207742966749399_8751493474154580642_n 1797426_10207742968029431_5461357030207602879_n 12065894_10207742969989480_7658630871857738862_n 12191958_10207742964389340_6856427424895705616_n 12066012_10207742978629696_1503305837299242696_n

So far it has been a fun and festive fall season.  We have also been going on a lot of hikes which have been previously posted or will be coming in the near future.  ;-D


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