La Muleta Garnacha

“Very bold, full-bodied, dark and dangerous, this classic Spanish red comes with a spicy attack.”

“Using a combination of both modern technology and traditional methods from the historical winemaking region of Jumilla, La Muleta’s flavors portray an authentic Spanish style with the perfect balance of fresh fruit and a little funkiness.  It draws you in with dark berry aromas, but on the palate surprises with spicy flavor, rich earthy notes, mouth puckering acidity, and subtle tannins that get you on the end just where it counts for a long, dry finish.”

This wine smells like mixed berries, perfume, moss, poblano peppers and white pepper spice.  Alcohol by volume is 14.5%.

I had never had a Garnacha before so I had no idea what I was in for.   It was REALLY good!  I am really starting to like these flavorful, dry wines.

And of course we had to have our cheese and crackers with it.




The left ball is a port wine cheddar cheese ball.  The one in the middle is a blue cheese and walnut ball with scallions.  Amazing!  Crackers, of course.  hehe  I also sprinkled some random taco dip and buffalo blue cheese combos in there.  The third ball on the right is a chocolate chip dessert cheese ball with vanilla wafers.  I could eat that cheese ball all on it’s own.  ;-P

Soooooo goooood!


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