One From the Quiver – Malbec


Club W sends little cards with the wine that describes it.  So here we go:

“This is rich, classic Malbec; like everything from Argentina, it goes best with steak.”  Therefore, the recipe that they have that would go well with the wine is a Pappardelle & Beef Ragu.  Obviously, being vegetarian I will not be making this, but I could always make something similar or use meat substitutes.

“Juicy cherry flavors are a delight to the palate, especially with notes of sunbaked earth and sweet spice.  Velvety texture and a super silky finish?  There’s a reason everyone loves Malbec.”

It has a little bit of woody and earthy flavors, a lot of fruit flavors and a decent body.  One from the Quiver is made in Mendoza, Argentina and smells like cherry, raspberry, cinnamon stick, and black licorice.  Don’t let the black licorice turn your off though.  I despise black licorice and I loved this wine.  Alcohol by volume is 14%.



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