New Wine Endeavors

We recently signed up for Club W so that we could try all kinds of new wine.  So far, we have not gotten a bad one!  It’s been a ton of fun and my palette for dry wines is being developed.

The first wine we tried was Cowtown.  It is a merlot that is made in a small cow town called Paso Robles in California.

It was very tasty, and of course I wanted to get some cheese to go with it.  Gouda is my favorite and Pepperjack is Jake’s favorite so that is what we got.  We had some apples from Mapleside so that worked out well, too.


Another one we tried was Alchymist Blanc.  I was surprised at the sweetness and it was really delicious.


The bottle says: “Inspired by the alchymist flower – a bursting, swirling, billowy bloom of a rose – this blended white is very aromatically expressive.  Floral scents mix with a splash of rosewater, but once you taste, lemon custard and pineapple flavors spring to life.  It will be just as delicious at a 5 o’ clock happy hour as it is at a 5-course family meal.”

And the final wine we got in this delivery was Cocomero.


The bottle says “Under the warm Tuscan sun, cocomeros are the summer treat of choice.  Pale salmon pink, light and easy drinking with just a touch of sweetness, the Cocomero Rosato is best served chilled with a backdrop of sunny, countryside views.”

They also suggest serving this as Drunken Watermelon Popsicles.  I think that would be amazing!

I was a little surprised that it wasn’t very sweet at all nor as flavorful as I expected it to be.  It was not bad by any means, but out of all the wine we have tried so far (there will be more posts to come) this was the only one that we would not get again.

I am so happy we signed up for Club W and there will be more wine posts as we drink them.  🙂


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