Halloween Party

A few years ago I decided to throw a Halloween party with just a few people.  If you are looking for some simple ideas for a smaller party, I think these ideas work.

Table set up.


Spiked punch.

310713_2566684243644_1143564933_n With eyeballs. hehe

Halloween Pizza: sugar cookie topped with candy corn, icing and any other candy toppings you like.


Little monsters – chocolate covered cereal and M&M’s for eyes.

Pumpkin bread topped with icing.


Spider web cheesy breadsticks.  Don’t eat the plastic spider. hehe


Spider web rice crispy treats.  Rice crispy treats on sticks covered with mini chocolate chips and drizzled with white chocolate.  We also had some cheesy artichoke dip and salsa queso for dipping.


Decorated coffee table.  The ghost container on the left had candy in it and everyone had to guess how many pieces were in it.  Whoever was the closest got to keep the container and all the candy in it.  The post its on the table were for voting on the scariest costume, the funniest costume and the overall best costume.  We had little trophies for each.


For games we had pin the tail on the cat.  There was also a pumpkin bean bag game where you had to throw bean bags into the cardboard pumpkin’s mouth.  And of course these can be adapted into drinking games if you so desire.  😀


Playing the bean bag game.


Here are some of the costumes:

Zombies – they won the scariest costumes.


One chick band.  And she really plays.  She won the funniest costume if I am remembering correctly.


Tinkerbell and wolverine.


Gangster and Flapper.  I think they won the best costume.


Kitty enjoying some food. hehe


Pirate, Mrs. Flintstone (her now ex was Fred), Mrs. Krueger (the guy I was with at the time was Freddy Krueger), kitty again, and hello kitty.


It was fun and there was plenty of food.  I won’t do it again just because my apartment was such a mess afterwards and there was food all over the floor.  After that I had BBQ’s where everyone was outside.  Ha!  But as long as you don’t mind a little clean up or don’t have any animals that will eat the dropped chocolate it’s a lot of fun.  🙂


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