Johnny Appleseed Festival

This is my favorite festival of the whole year.  It takes place at Mapleside Farms in Brunswick, Ohio on Pearl Road (82).  To me, it signifies fall, my favorite season.  It is very family/kid oriented, but it is still a good, relaxing time for adults.  Plus, it is where I get my caramel apples, apple cider, apple butter, candy corn, and fudge.  This year we also got a sampling of teas from one of the vendors.

This year it was really rainy, but oh well.  First we grabbed some food: a cheese pizza and fries.  The hot apple cider was perfect for the weather.

11988630_10207445433471253_2117433953156729908_n 12002101_10207464519708397_4184543625577764333_n

After eating we checked out the barn.  We ended up getting some candy, fudge, and popcorn butter from here.



12004718_10207464521468441_4406597633811706432_n 12038142_10207464522948478_18711121608392043_n

After checking out all the vendors and a little petting zoo, we headed down to pumpkin village.



You could either walk down the hill or go down the slide, but with the rain the slide was closed.


Cute wood carvings.

10625015_10207445468032117_4219076555255593064_n 11219308_10207445493152745_507018520773686262_n 12011383_10207445441551455_4403092984413938244_n

We went on a horse drawn covered wagon ride through the orchard.


There were two corn mazes.  The first one we went in wasn’t much of a maze, but it had a cute little story in it.


It was about how an odd, square pumpkin that ends up saving the day.



11539619_10207464531068681_1495659461974637349_n 12032127_10207464528948628_6822010054272526214_n 12006359_10207445445071543_2673739872551267570_n 12006378_10207445446471578_1204967918312141474_n 12006159_10207445450871688_2825525022821482068_n

The second corn maze was much more maze-like.

11904746_10207445455231797_554861396042928942_n 11988704_10207445455431802_8184305789148531941_n 12004702_10207445455871813_6818643570999156875_n

Then we rode the cows around the orchard.

12011193_10207445457031842_4124846618411007214_n 12004855_10207445461231947_170339162556672412_n


12003355_10207445466752085_5658762624157390577_n 12006293_10207445494072768_5058050974832272429_n 10428605_10207445497992866_1564565491860509149_n

View from the top of the hill.

12037988_10207464538868876_3544953420313838792_n 12002180_10207445494192771_7718737145761610786_n

We saved all the shopping for last.  First we went into the restaurant and ate some apple perogies and jalapeno apple pie.

12006153_10207445495872813_3726724356403533870_n 11988697_10207445496272823_1384128840126933485_n

Behind the restaurant is the bakery and the produce section along with other interesting condiments and desserts.  They used to have a gift shop, but they got rid of it.


We left with some yummy treats and had a good time.  🙂


I have uploaded some photos from this festival from a couple years ago.  I got some good pictures and it was sunny AND they had zombie paintball.  😀

1237154_10201940321286889_1762401431_n 156853_10201940325887004_355267700_n 557129_10201940337567296_1651361125_n 601753_10201940996183761_2119117277_n 1237789_10201941000623872_1316684968_n 1238170_10201941010104109_2079209653_n 1236774_10201941021384391_581175249_n 1187286_10201941034784726_2130972098_n 1185810_10201941041424892_390700514_n 1229940_10201941043424942_700362301_n 487983_10201941049145085_137276613_n 598473_10201941057545295_2056682808_n 1000357_10201941088626072_1789990035_n 1236957_10201941112786676_730773308_n 1234240_10201941126707024_1896514517_n 1186931_10201941275830752_83532436_n 1235324_10201941278350815_247467275_n 1234120_10201941290471118_1536985569_n 1238037_10201941299231337_1172373002_n 1229921_10201941302711424_1037196723_n


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