Air Show

Every year we go to the air show at Burke Lakefront Airport.  My dad gets box seats in the perfect spot.  They are a little left of center, but it pretty much seems like center when the jets are flying over.

First, we looked at all the static air craft.  There is quite a lot to see and lots of different vender tents, food tents, and interactive tents.

12000821_10207404116798362_2780887760154293741_o 11952799_10207404117518380_4376814119912941267_o 11953290_10207404162439503_8252703962973522902_o 10710266_10207404161599482_7331325989929390956_o 11947888_10207404160359451_239478674609669107_o 11999658_10207404157559381_3867496044291297418_o 11225102_10207404155679334_4960136846652982637_o 11222205_10207404151399227_7041870065047393749_o 12002350_10207404150559206_7238957048290214079_o 11986956_10207404147759136_7614572707719406331_n 11350714_10207404147479129_2634805245153077793_n 10390887_10207404145919090_7199148930733252856_n 11934486_10207404144799062_2906974045502016415_o 11926441_10207404144359051_8690117142190952913_o 12002634_10207404142999017_779818666595660550_o 11894498_10207404138078894_473809076148680877_o 11896564_10207404139198922_6055108064937580820_o 11926430_10207404137518880_6612881455841771172_o 11952843_10207404136238848_4842819517307586801_o 10382039_10207404135318825_4807713779138877710_o 10382039_10207404135318825_4807713779138877710_o 11895039_10207404134878814_257036528961106000_o 11703485_10207404132598757_3579205680727659380_o 11850565_10207404133758786_853305148474878706_o 11030239_10207404131078719_6292508912103091025_o 11224688_10207404128758661_556581744831226936_o 11782382_10207404128558656_4693978025811962011_o 11083993_10207404123918540_3569173248242009573_o 11802676_10207404123318525_4994454653165116928_o 11947893_10207404121758486_3651811369244984385_o 10408522_10207404122558506_1566476582927388697_n

After looking at everything on the ground we proceeded over to our box seats.  My friend Rachel and I had matching flower sun hats. 🙂

11913504_10207404125638583_5249974846130203455_o 11221339_10207404176719860_2328407680479856745_n

Checking out the program.  Sadly the Golden Knights had an accident and one of their team passed away, so they were not at the air show this year.

10428287_10207404124798562_3253400201610269951_o 11987196_10207404124998567_4255011294079432092_n

I did not get a whole ton of pictures of the action in the air because I don’t have a camera that would take a really good picture.  Everything just looks so small and/or blurry.  My dad has a better camera, but he mostly took video.  However, I do have a few pictures to give you a general idea of what was going on.

The Oracle.  He always has tons of awesome tricks.

11999550_10207404118238398_7917774486952957783_o 11950165_10207404119838438_605893700780594643_o

Jet powered truck.  They do a simulation where the truck is being fired at.  They also have a race between a plane and the truck.  The truck usually wins and needs two huge parachutes to stop.

11951779_10207404180999967_5553592338476308213_n 11220835_10207404180439953_3832164357870976012_n 11659331_10207404180039943_5219703526923907429_n

Metro Life Flight Medical Helicopter Flyby


U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue Demo


F/A-18 Super Hornet = AWESOME!

11885191_10207404179439928_4122709156609951621_n 12003298_10207404179079919_6476140238212658022_n


I only had one picture of the U.S. Marine CorpsAV-8B Harrier because the video of this air craft was so much better.  The jet can go side to side and up and down and hover and :sigh: it’s just awesome.


And finally the main attraction: the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds!

10425002_10207404185640083_5161823887826815995_n 11960067_10207404185880089_5836754872196152582_n 11227942_10207404187320125_361538160285731818_n 10987368_10207404187880139_2575327787643029624_n 11933410_10207404189680184_8291253909948228216_n 11954822_10207404190120195_3912800308525153149_n 11214224_10205039304364593_4345650811989612792_n 11987174_10205039304684601_8849565910446621643_n 11846671_10205039304244590_7121012117992400209_n

I am hoping one day to have a fancy shmancy camera so I can take better pictures.  I am also working on getting videos up.

So all in all it was a good time and saw some amazing demos.  Other demos included the Cleveland Aeromodeling Society, Droneworks(unmanned aircraft systems), WWII P-51 Mustang demonstration, Vintage Warbird Flyby (B-52, P-51, T-51), and Rob Holland (U.S. aerobatic champion).  The brochure pictured above also had a map of the event and highlighted a few tents: autographs, info, a tent for lost children, seat upgrades, play area for children, MetroHealth First Aid Center, and a Drug Mart tent.  There was also some information on next year’s air show featuring the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.  Woo!  Excited for next year!


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