Brecksville Reservation

This is one of my favorite places to go.  It is really beautiful and there are so many different paths – paved and in the woods.  This park is located in Brecksville, Ohio off of 82, not far from Brecksville Road.  These pictures are just from one section of the reservation – I will definitely have to take more pictures of the other areas.  It is so big!  A map of the place would be helpful.  There are also stables near by and you see people horseback riding there quite often.

Entering the woods.


There is a tall grass prairie a little farther down this path.

12009583_10207433674097276_2117935909564820708_n 12006373_10207433674697291_5425346834212567862_n 12002250_10207433674657290_4899961573839869494_n 11988599_10207433675617314_5711249715536700909_n 11228905_10207433675297306_2105083804620054866_n 11987178_10207433675417309_5278163231079220141_n

A few of the paths converge on this little opening.

11988746_10207433675777318_9024340522844445537_n 12006114_10207433676177328_3148574562235834195_n 11998985_10207433676297331_5655696628359781841_n

Continuing on the path.

12002314_10207433676737342_3208625451828301402_n 11990662_10207433676857345_9127742132635547459_n

Of course.  hehe

12011299_10207433677777368_7077628867379562672_n 11222068_10207433677537362_2631672298838250644_n

More beautiful paths.

11904746_10207433677937372_3395479696369451864_n 11987060_10207433678297381_3173012902089129992_n 11947662_10207433681017449_8646959491657739585_n

Last, we came up to the nature center.  It’s so cute!  And there is a small area for presentations.

12004067_10207433679777418_1405213038502098825_n 12003859_10207433679937422_1113284402829068277_n 12004898_10207433678377383_3035895757160146434_n

Can’t wait to go back!


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