I tend to get stuck in negative ruts.  I need to be more positive.  I think making a list of all things I am grateful for today will help put things into perspective.

I am thankful for:

  • the beautiful weather and being able to withstand the heat so I don’t have to use AC and therefore drive up the electric bill
  • the smoothie Jake made me this morning
  • Jake, of course
  • the awesome day at work and the extra money I made that I have really been needing
  • the scrumptious recipe I found and the ability to make it
  • the carrot bubble bomb I used in my nice cold bath
  • the motivation to work out
  • the fresh face mask I used
  • my coconut oil deodorant – the one I told you about…eventually I will get a post up about it
  • my letter from my friend Mia
  • comfy pajamas
  • Reno and Angelfluff – another of course
  • my computer and all the things I learn on it
  • time with the Lord
  • tarts and candles
  • a comfy bed
  • vitamins
  • owl duct tape
  • productiveness
  • positivity – for today, ha!
  • cuddle time

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