Great Lakes Medieval Faire


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Trail that leads to the faire.


Unicorn Statue


Fairy Garden

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There were some acorns in a watering can and you used them to pick your fairy name.  Mine was Fayette Flutterbell. hehe

Fairy Forest

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A unicorn!  I felt bad for the poor little guy.  It was all hot and he had to stay in the tent.  :-/

11885362_10207248429546278_6076131557251588012_n 11887969_10207248429906287_7517377230278480089_n

The throne. 😛

11892156_10207248394265396_5598045770847074158_n 11896534_10207248394465401_2295031432361586091_o

Elephant.  They had a donkey wagon ride, too.


Butterfly Garden


I bought this skirt at the Cuyahoga County Faire – turned out it looked sort of medieval-ish.  Ha!


A snake!


There was a glass blowing demo.  They had some really need light fixtures that they made.


Combat Chess!

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Everyone called you Lord and Lady and they were really getting into character.  There were TONS of vendors, mostly with medieval items.  Lots of food to choose from, too.  We got cheese quesadillas and fried pickles, but there was all sorts of chicken, beef, and fish dinners, sandwiches, salads, and HUGE turkey legs – if I hadn’t gone vegetarian I would have definitely had one of the turkey legs, but I love the animals too much.  😉 There was a lot of entertainment as well – all different types of shows ranging from comedy, fire and danger, and medieval music.

It was a lot of fun, but I think it could have been a lot cooler with people who were a little more professional. I was kind of sad that all they had were porta potties – no regular bathrooms.  Eek!  I would definitely go back, though. 😀


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