Cuyahoga County Fair

This week the Cuyahoga County Fair is taking place at the Berea Fairgrounds, hence I have always just called it the Berea Fair.  The main reason I go is to see the animals and have a little bit of carni food, but there is plenty more to do there.  Rides of course – my favorite was riding the ponies when I was little.  Vendors.  The Bee Barn.  A Garden/Flower Barn.  A Junior Fair.  There are many different attractions – horse racing, animal show, live bands, demo derby, haunted houses, a globe of death, etc.  There were also your usual carnival games and fun houses.

But like I said, we mainly went for the animals.

The llamas were very friendly.  🙂

11836854_10207211321578602_8306871566483287535_n 11885402_10207216619551048_8128672125997135901_n

Gizmo was extremely friendly as well.

11895086_10207216618431020_1882420934818279400_o 11239690_10207216618351018_6432359025993315856_o

They had a barn full of beautiful horses.  This guy was huge!


You never realize how big some of these animals are until you are right up next to them.


There were plenty of goats and sheep that needed some lovin’.

11880422_10207211322018613_7463817481472347160_n 11863303_10207211323218643_7189138098250055705_n 11061259_10207216619431045_5937189879104242949_o 11879119_10207216617070986_7309945663997867350_o

This guy was silly.

11059666_10207216615870956_2487419320022235135_o 11059778_10207216615470946_4963335373769604698_o 11850731_10207216615310942_7640093144516477519_o

Jake gave this little lambie an ear massage.  It was so hard to leave her – she was looking at us like “Wait! Where are you going?” as we walked away.  :-/


These ones walked right up to us and  relaxed for about ten minutes or so while we pet them.

11145115_10207216614310917_3701955893778426852_o 11875015_10207216612910882_4514634688942572793_o 11882366_10207216613190889_6483139395933712731_o

Baby piggies!


We got some fried veggies for a snack and some lemonade.  We also found a fudge stand and got a pound of fudge for $11!  Not bad!  Vanilla Cream, Chocolate Walnut, Peanut Butter, and Maple Walnut.  Mmmmm.


After loving all the animals and eating we wondered around for a little bit before we left.  There were fireworks that night, but we ended up just staying home, good thing, too, because it stormed in the middle of the firework show.

The fair brings back so many warm and fuzzy childhood memories.  It also brings back some rather unpleasant ones involving my ex-husband.  But now I can make new wonderful memories with Jake and it really makes me think how lucky I am to be in such a good relationship with such a wonderful person.  🙂



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