Spazmatics at Mapleside

This past weekend we decided to do something a little different and go to a concert at Mapleside Farms.  It was very relaxing and, of course, there is a beautiful view.  The band we saw was an 80’s cover band called The Spazmatics.   They are always very entertaining.

Mapleside is located in Brunswick, Ohio on Pearl Road.  They have a grass lot for parking across the street for big events and regular parking by the building.  They have a restaurant, a bakery, a produce section, and a gift shop.  There will be details on this when we go to the Johnny Appleseed Festival that is held here.  Behind the building is a gorgeous view of the apple orchard.  At the top of the hill is where our concert took place.

11036902_10207190732903898_7070366184210139984_o 11864957_10207190731063852_7013011540313073683_o 11838678_10207190732023876_2959965948097602710_o 11822901_10207190732343884_8897078785204258569_o 11794279_10207190732383885_1284693636988966906_o 11838623_10207190730783845_2317430300111904479_o

They had concessions – burgers, chicken fingers, ribs, amongst other things.  They had non-alcoholic beverages along with wine and beer.  A bottle of wine was $20.  Totally overpriced especially for the quality of wine (in the store it was probably between $7 and $10), but it was still decent tasting and all part of the fun.  We got a little container of cheese, crackers and grapes to go with the wine for $6 – not too bad.

11836732_10207190727103753_8402601791067526767_n 11885742_10207190727023751_6247713597605542867_o

Bubbly.  🙂


There’s the stage.


Here are some more pictures of the view and the setting sun.

11885745_10207190724623691_7885814524202722453_o 11885151_10207190718943549_4488201509907929263_o 11856476_10207190716583490_6837191903415889887_o 11875217_10207190711663367_8131582674517589282_o

It was extremely relaxing, the weather was perfect, the music was great and the sunset was beautiful.  We will be doing this again next summer for sure.


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