A Friend’s Wedding

The ceremony took place at the Grand Pacific Junction Gardens in Olmsted Falls, Ohio.  It was an outdoor ceremony – very beautiful and PERFECT weather.  They had a string quartet playing music and after the ceremony a marching band paraded everyone down the street to the reception at the Grand Pacific Hotel.

11731707_10207089983505226_5865991942931139036_o 10999582_10207089983585228_7128770685083370252_n 11701001_10207089983545227_3977762468910758715_o 11057507_10207089983425224_8957077906429194356_n 11755104_10207089985865285_8879058315133478287_n 10999663_10207089985985288_299843518503662628_n 11752519_10207089985945287_4006061419555000152_n

The reception was also beautiful and with great food.  Very enjoyable.

11794590_10207089987505326_7734691595657744530_o 11752489_10207089987385323_7141586603203720053_n 11032599_10207089991865435_6534336713524075693_n

Part of the entertainment at the reception was a Japanese drumming band.  It was AWESOME!

11223629_10207089987465325_6396801180053048371_o 11060959_10207089988905361_5556383042134640872_n 11807299_10207089988785358_2459685600962443836_o 11694938_10207089988745357_9126351110588208051_n 11782402_10207089988865360_5016131660025776403_o 11745541_10207089990585403_2346328054082203469_n

Reception fun.

11701182_958041721052_2548509115569665588_n 11755907_10207089990545402_3335495334323403893_n



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