A Natural Day Cream?

I have extremely sensitive skin.  Everything makes me break out.  I have discovered recently that any kind of cover up is pretty much out of the question for me.  And I am totally ok with that.  I discovered that my skin is much clearer when I do not use any make up, even mineral make up or make up or BB or CC creams with salicylic acid in it.  I have a mineral make up that I can use to cover up a couple spots if I need to, but using it all over isn’t such a good idea for me.  I have used some plant based CC creams that have worked pretty well for me, but I would still prefer not to use anything like that.  I think the tints and some of the chemicals are what hurts me.  So, like I said, I am ok with not being able to use that stuff; however, I do want something to protect my skin from UV rays and free radicals in the air.  I do have MaryKay’s Timewise Day Solution, which I like, but there are still a lot of ingredients in it that I am not sure about.

Can anyone recommend a face cream that protects the skin, is not tinted, and is a lot more natural?


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  1. I have the same sensitive skin problems as you. As for sun protection for the face, I recommend the ‘Eucerin face sun creme’ or ‘Eau Thermale Avène Very High Protection Cream’. They should be easy to find & they aren’t too expensive.

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