Warped Tour

There were over 100 bands separated between nine stages all across Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  Needless to say you really need to pick and choose who you want to see.  Luckily for us, there were only a handful that we were really interested in, even though there were potentially other bands there we would have enjoyed.  We went with the following:

Senses Fail  https://www.facebook.com/sensesfail

Little Wars  https://www.facebook.com/LittleWarsBand?fref=ts

Atilla  https://www.facebook.com/Atillx?fref=ts

Miss May I  https://www.facebook.com/MissMayIMusic?fref=ts

Bless The Fall   https://www.facebook.com/blessthefall?rf=108332995867805

Pierce The Veil   https://www.facebook.com/PierceTheVeil?fref=ts

We planned to see:

Asking Alexandria  https://www.facebook.com/askingalexandria?fref=ts   and

We Came As Romans  https://www.facebook.com/wecameasromans?fref=ts

however, Jake and I had both seen these bands before and it was a long, hot, sunny day, so we decided to go home as it had already been about a 7 or 8 hour day.

I actually was not aware that Senses Fail was going to be there, so I was pretty excited.


They were awesome live.  We instantly loved the singer; he had a lot of good view points.  For example, he went on a rant about how the word “rape” should not be used so much and so lightly.  Totally true!  You never know what the person standing next to you has been through and its definitely not funny to them.  He talked about how no one who has been raped wants attention from that and if they do there’s something wrong there as well.  Agreed!  He also talked about how he is drug free now and someone booed him which started another rant on how it is totally ok to be drug free.  Agreed again!  Seemed like a really great guy and I am happy he is getting those messages out there.

Little Wars I had never heard of; more of a local  band.  We actually really liked them so we bought an album that we are happy with.  A little bit of singing, a little bit of screaming; enjoyed them a lot.

043 042 046

Unfortunately, I was in a long line for really expensive chicken fingers and fries that ended up being barely edible, so I missed out on Atilla, but I heard they were awesome.

Miss May I was awesome as usual.  Lots of crowd participation – moshing, crowd surfing, circle pits, and running big circles around vendor tents.  It was very amusing to watch.  There was no participation on my part this time around; It was too hot and I was already sun burnt from the pool.  I didn’t even mosh and I was so tired; I don’t know how Jake did it.

Bless The Fall was ok.  I was actually a little bit bored with them.  It all kinda sounded the same to me.  Maybe it was just because they were after Miss May I – they have amazing stage presence.

At this point we had about a two hour break.  Time to relax and cool down in the shade.

Being tired.  Jake got paint all over me. hahaha

078 The main pavilion of Blossom Music Center.


Our friend, Alfredo, also relaxing.  Poor guy was sick and still moshed like crazy.


Just hanging out – Jake dressed up as the Joker. 😛


Pierce the Veil wasn’t bad.  I like a few of their songs, but with that many  in a row it pretty much all sounded the same to me.

And this is where we left and skipped out on the last two bands.

It was pretty fun even though it was hot and tiring.  Down side is the food is expensive and not that great.  Drinks are expensive, too, but they allow you to bring one water bottle in which you can then just keep refilling at the water fountain.  Normally I am not a fan of fountain water, but this day I was making an exception.  All of the bands had merch tables and there were a few vendor tables, but they were all almost exactly the same.  This is also where we found the Action for Animals organization which was discussed in the last post.  I purchased a sticker for my car that says, “Only when the last tree has died & the last river has been poisoned & the last fish has been caught will we realize that we cannot eat money.”  There were also a few trails in a couple small patches of woods that we walked through.  There was plenty to keep us busy and plenty of shade to rest in.   Definitely going again next year.


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