Winter and Spring

Two more words with unique meaning in the Midwest.


I think we got to negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit a couple years ago.  Lots of snow – specifically lake effect.  Ice, ice, ice!  Anywhere else you get a couple inches of snow and the city shuts down.  Here, you’re lucky to get a snow day.  Stuck in your driveway in three feet of snow?  Oh yeah, you’re still going to work – better shovel fast!  And it lasts FOOREVEERR!  You can start seeing the signs of winter as early as October and it can linger as late as May.  Can you tell I’m not a fan?  😛


This is where you get all seasons in one.  20 degrees with snow?  Yep!  40 degree day with a crisp fall breeze?  Definitely.  50’s and 60’s with rain showers and a few thunderstorms?  Sure.  80 degrees and sunny?  Of course!  And its not on a graduating scale either.  It’s fall, then summer, then winter, then spring, back to winter, then SUMMER! – out of nowhere.  Weather whiplash.   BUT! – It’s better than straight up winter.  🙂


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