West Creek Reservation

We have been to this area before, but it is pretty darn big, so we keep finding new areas to explore.

First, we went down to a little marsh area.

11222478_10207010524158792_122525720127411509_n 11695977_10207010524438799_872163126037958167_n 11755906_10207010524798808_5330598275076053814_n

From here, we went into the woods which took us to the creek.

10524602_10207010526398848_539917546733651059_n 11745593_10207010528358897_1920552298594331252_n 11745742_10207010528758907_7881122808358402917_n 15793_10207010528558902_7436966715185814484_n 11755503_10207010528998913_2892492012187831943_n

We started to follow the creek a little bit, but then found a decomposing deer skeleton.  It was pretty nasty, and sad, so we left this area and found another place to go down to the creek.  Here we found a live deer, thankfully, and Jake and him had a little staring contest.

11145088_10207010529278920_5107099457217829615_n 11705374_10207010529478925_2937032178541302708_n 11011784_10207010529758932_3718605699709992726_n

After soaking our feet in the water for awhile and hanging out with our little deer friend, we went over to another section of the reservation and found some more beautiful paths.

11752505_10207010529958937_6897774684710893108_n 10447395_10207010530198943_114431452618236060_n 11057383_10207010530398948_1525431715206393357_n 11018600_10207010530918961_7500648879732244299_n 11027471_10207010530638954_7697837181637736416_n 11214266_10207010531078965_2665457488716212020_n

And that was that.  Very enjoyable walk.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love this so much. Live deer in person are beautiful.

    1. Tinny Time says:

      Oh, I know! I love them. 🙂

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